Timing issue – Bug Heroes of Newerth

Since users are unable to reply in the “bugs” forum, I will have to repost.
My post was misunderstood, and put in rejected.
So, here goes again:
Original Post:
Usually the lag is kinda low on the servers – but sometimes it hits a little over 100ms which gives timing issues.
The problem is that server and client is not always in sync – which leads to unexpected behaviour.
Here’s an example:
1: Soul Reaper and Swift blade meets in forest. (Swift Blade low on HP)
2: Soul Reaper throws ult at Swift Blade.
3: Swift Blade swings – and makes a run for it.
4: Swift Blade is _NOT_ affected by the Soul Reapers ult, BUT the ult goes in cooldown anyway.
(Real life example!)
Swift Blade is NOT affected by the ult due to the lag.
On Swift Blades screen, Swift Blade engages the swing BEFORE Soul Reaper engaging ult.
On Soul Reapers screen, Soul Reaper engages ult BEFORE Swift Blade engages Swing.
There’s several options to work-around this issue.
1: Move then ability/hit code server-side instead of client.
- This MIGHT make the game seem a bit laggy, but it will at least be precise!
2: If a race-condition appears, and a ability is wrongly cancelled, it should NOT go in cooldown.
- Since a lot of stuff is done client side, this might be really hard to do!
If you have any questions, fell free to contact me!
It doesn’t matter what the client shows from either person, the server will deliver the final result.
Not really a bug, post in Suggestions.
My reply to that:
The problem is not what the client shows!
As I’ve written, it’s a problem with a race-condition.
This bug will allow an ability to be wrongly put in cooldown – as it was supposed to be impossible to activate!
Swift Blade is magic immune to targeted spells, it’s simply IMPOSSIBLE to tricker a targeted spell on him when he swings.
But, due to this bug – it CAN be done anyway!


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