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Eredar, Shadow Demon DotA
Eredar, The Shadow Demon is the Intelligence new hero that was added in DotA 6.68. It has a very nice skillset and synergy and supportive abilities which can surely help bringing success to a team. You must read Eredar, The Shadow Demon Guide & Strategy.
Eredar, The Shadow Demon Stats:
eredar dota story
shadow demon dota stats
Hero Class: Shadow Demon
Hero Name: Eredar
Team: Scourge
Type: Intelligence
Range: 500
Movement Speed: 295
Hero Type: Intelligence
Starting Armor: 3
Starting Damage: 53-57
Agility: 18
Agility Per Level: + 2.2
Strength: 17
Strength Per Level: + 1.9
Intelligence: 26
Intelligence Per Level: + 2.7
Magic Damage Reduction: 25%
Damage Reduction: 17%
Eredar, Shadow Demon Spells, Skills & abilities:
1. Disruption (hotkey: D)
Eredar banishes the target to a dimensional pocket for 2.5 seconds, removing it from play for the duration. Upon return two images of the target are created under Eredar’s control which last for 6 seconds.
Displacement duration: 2.5 seconds
Illusion Outgoing Damage: 30/40/50/60%
Illusion Incoming Damage: 150%
Illusion Duration: 6 seconds
Cast Range: 700
Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 16
Note: Can target enemy, ally or self.
2. Soul Catcher (hotkey: C)
Ererdar lays a curse on an area; one random enemy unit in the area is afflicted with the curse, causing it to take increased damage for 12 seconds.
Damage Amplification: 20/30/40/50%
AOE: 500
Cast Range: 600
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 13
Ability Code: A1SB
3. Shadow Poison (Hotkey: W)
Eredar casts forth a shadowy poison which deals 50 damage and afflicts all it touches for 10 seconds. If a unit is affected again in this duration, the toxin will be renewed and amplified exponentially. At the end of the duration, the shadow poison deals extra damage for each time it affected the victim. You have small vision over affected heroes.
Each stack increases the damage it would deal exponentially, up to 4 stacks.
Level 1 Per stack: 20/40/80/160 + 50 each further stacks
Level 2 Per stack: 35/70/140/280 + 50 each further stacks
Level 3 Per stack: 50/100/200/400 + 50 each further stacks
Level 4 Per stack: 65/130/260/520 + 50 each further stacks
AOE: 150
Travel Distance: 1500
Cooldown: 3
Manacost: 50
Note: This has a sub ability to let you release the poison at any time.
4. Ultimate: Demonic Purge (Hotkey: g)
Eredar casts a powerful demonic purge on a target enemy, removing all positive buffs. The purged target slowly regains its movement speed over 4 seconds. At the end of the purge the target takes damage.
Damage: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 50
Manacost: 200
Eredar, Shadow Demon Item Build:
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Eredar, Shadow Demon Skill Build:
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Eredar, Shadow Demon Strategy Guide:
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