Garena releses 4.0 Beta

We have just released a beta version for the new Garena.
For feedback and suggestions, please send an email to Please note that this is only a beta version. We really need the suggestions from the community
to improve Garena. Your voice is really important for us and the new Garena is decided by you guys! If you encountered any bug, please also include:
OS Version, whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit
Other internet software
you installed
Anti Virus/Firewall
Offset (if applicable)
Attach Garena.dmp file if your Garena crashes
It is preferred to give us your feedback through email. Alternatively you can also post your suggestion and bug reports in this thread. This thread is strictly for suggestion and bug reporting. Please don’t post irrelevant stuff here.
Downloading New Garena 4.0 visit this link

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