Garena Hack Fixed (1/8/2010)

The GarenaHack – Cracked by TDT 4.63 has fixed to 4.63.1
TDT say :
Due to change of server, I needed to make a new update. I took the opportunity to fix or at least try to fix some bugs.
In this new version who was lagging when using the hack, should lag no more. It was also corrected the background message of the main window, where was written “completly” which was replaced by “completely” and updated the price of the original hack that now costs $ 30.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this server change, but I think now the site will no longer be offline sometimes, as was happening before.
Regards to all and cya.
if wona dl it go here :…TDT_08-01.html…08-01.rar.html

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