Dota 6.68 Video Preview Delayed!

Dota 6.68 Trailer
Few weeks ago, IceFrog announced that he’ll release a Dota 6.68 preview video which will showcase the development progress of DotA 6.68 and it’s changes (new heroes etc.). Now he has made another post in which he says that “I’ll post previews here when the map is mostly ready”. See what he says:
IceFrog Blog (6/15/2010):
Some people asked me to repost a response I wrote about DotA 6.68 development from a forum thread:
STR1D3R says:
i agree that some sort of estimation would be nice although i understand that you dont like giving these out because it puts pressure on you and if you fail to meet it there will be a lot of QQ threads.
maybe some form of i am roughly x% of the way through to give us some sort of idea would be nice.
IceFrog’s Reply:
It is also because I can’t be sure myself. It is not easy to accurately predict “it will take 1 week to make this hero fun”, there is a good amount of experimentation and beta testing that is needed to arrive at that stage. And like you said, if I posted “June 26″ and I missed it by a week or two, people would be upset. I also don’t want to make my development goal be a date rather than the content, that style of development makes it easy to make bad decisions. I can tell you that I’ll do my best to make sure any wait is worthwhile though. The only thing on my mind is DotA’s development and future.
As for your request, I’d say its definitely much more than half way through.
With regards to the video trailer, I was originally planning to post it well in advance of the map release but I’ve decided to hold off on making it until more content is finalized. I’ll post previews here when the map is mostly ready.

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