DotA 6.67 | Dota Allstars 6.67 News & Updates

 DotA 6.67 will be the next map of DotA-Allstars series. This map is expected to contain some new stuff because, in the recent version we have seen a lot of balancing of Heroes. IceFrog has started working on DotA Allstars 6.67 as he opened the beta testers sign-up on GetDota but one update so far about this map on his blog.
Update: Zoom Feature and a New Game Mode:
IceFrog announced about new modes in DotA 6.67, check more details.
Anyway, What do you expect in DotA 6.67? A new hero, an item, cosmetic changes, a new terrain or anything else. Share your ideas, suggestions and thoughts via comments about this upcoming map!

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